CrossFit Kids FAQ's

Who can participate?

Children ages 5-12 years old. Just like CrossFit for adults, CrossFit Kids is scalable to all ability levels. One of the most persevering qualities about CrossFit Kids is the fact that the varied nature of the exercises and skills incorporated in the programming allows every child to excel and be challenged by different aspects of our exercise program. This creates a fantastic learning and team environment.

Parents' role:

We ask parents not to give instruction, coaching, or correction during class. Parents are not permitted to participate in the class. If you drop-off your child, please be sure to walk your child into the building and check your child in at the front desk. If you plan on having someone else pick your child up from training you will need to let the front desk and coach know, otherwise we will not let your child leave with someone else other than you.

What should children wear?

Kids should come in athletic clothing (shorts and a t-shirt) and should bring a water bottle. Tennis shoes are great footwear for CrossFit.

Have more questions?

Please contact us at (323) 413-2024 or