Greg Cohan

Hailing from Long Island, Greg grew up playing soccer, football and lacrosse. While playing Division III Lacrosse at Hartwick College, fitness and training became a part of life. But it wasn’t until well after college that a good friend was coaching CrossFit in Brooklyn and invited him to take foundations at an MMA training facility that offered CrossFit classes. After getting his butt kicked the first few weeks, he was hooked. The MMA gym cut their CrossFit programming. That’s when Greg found CrossFit South Brooklyn and immediately fit into their community. He quickly snagged a position at the front desk at Brooklyn’s first and largest CrossFit affiliate. There he was instilled with the importance of community, inclusivity and education, along with cleanliness and safety in a gym environment. Paired with his passion for fitness, Greg was soon brought on to the coaching staff at CFSBK.  

Jump to 2019 when Greg and his wife (fiancé at the time) decided to shake things up and move across the country to Los Angeles. They packed up their car, drove cross country, signed a lease in LA and got hitched - All in one month.

CrossFit LAB is exactly the community and vibe that Greg was searching for when he came to LA. He loves bringing the energy to group training, coaching people to improve, and pushing members to be their best versions of themselves. 

Greg is also a working actor in Film, TV, Commercial and Voiceover. 

Greg’s Mantra: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”


CrossFit Level 1


Don’t remember, but it was something with Toes To Bar,
and I promised myself I would suck less next time I did T2B. 




Fran (Puke Face Emoji)