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Gunther Klaus

A Los Angeles native, Gunther has been an avid athlete since the age of 8.  In high school, he found a passion and strength for mid-distance running and then advanced to Division 1 Rowing at Oregon State.  After college, in searching for something to fulfill his desire to compete, he found bodybuilding. Although it was a nice stepping stone, bodybuilding didn't satisfy his hunger for the fast pace and thrill of competition.

After seeing several social media clips of top Crossfit competitors, Gunther knew he had to see what this sport was all about. In January of 2015, he stepped into his first Crossfit box.

Gunther is a natural at finding ways to help others move towards their goals. He embraces every chance to do research and gain knowledge to help each individual build their strength and conquer their weakness. Also a personal trainer at Equinox, Gunther brings a fresh perspective to the Crossfit community.


Crossfit Level 1, NASM CPT, EFTI, Kettlebell Level 1


Chelsea. I got all rounds up to Round 29!




Fran.  Thrusters and pull ups are just hard.