Luci Eisen

Luci first discovered Crossfit in 2010 when she had a roommate who became quickly obsessed with the sport during their stay together. She saw the pictures, the videos, the competitions, and felt inspired but didn't think it was something SHE could ever do. Since she was never an athlete growing up, the confidence that something like this was possible for her to be good at - just wasn't there yet.

She continued to hit the local gym day after day, with no guidance, no real goal in mind, just in the never ending journey "to be thin". Finally, July 2011 she decided to try it and it changed her life. It changed her perception of beauty, it made her want to be stronger and faster, and she quickly discovered her desire to change the lives of others. After one very humbling year, Luci completed her Level 1 and has only strived to grow and become better in her coaching ever since. 

Luci's motto is "Just because you aren't where they are doesn't mean you don't have what it takes"


Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Weightlifting, USAW Sport Performance


Airforce - took 16 minutes with 35lbs 


Airforce - did it again a year and a half later and finished under 6 minutes RX.


I hate to say it.....Murph. Not great at long distance runs OR push ups, but I will always do it and push hard in the hero workouts!