WOD 6/14/14 compare to 2/8/14 Mobility:

WOD 6/14/14compare to 2/8/14

Mobility: Hips/Chest

Teams of 2 Part A: 12 Min AMRAP 50 Wall Balls (20/14) 40m Wheelbarrow Carry partners MUST switch positions at 20m 40m=2 reps

Part B: 12 Min AMRAP 1 Burpee Box Jump each 2 Burpee Box Jump each 3 Burpee Box Jump each 4 Burpee Box Jump each 5 Burpee Box Jump each Example - you do one Burpee Box Jump your partner does one Burpee Box Jump. You complete 2 reps, you partner does 2 reps. Continue through the fives. ONCE YOU BOTH HAVE COMPLETED THE 5 REPS, THAT IS ONE ROUND. Start round two by having both athletes completing 1 rep and continue again.

Flexibility: Low Back/ Foam Roll Lats