WOD 8/26/14 Mobility: Lats/Shoulders/ Fr

WOD 8/26/14 Mobility: Lats/Shoulders/ Front Rack Pos.

Part A: 10 mins. Power Clean - build to a heavy set of 5 touch and go.

then Three Rounds of: Max Reps Power Cleans (165/115) touch and go only rest 3 mins try to maintain the same number of reps each round

Part B: “Cement Mixer” 7 Rounds - Every 3 Minutes on the Minute: 400m run 12 T2B

Record rest times for every round. Score is total rest taken - higher the number the better. If you don't make it in 3 mins you get a 0 and go right into the next round

Flexibility: Flexibility: Lower Back/Lats