WOD - THURSDAY 1/29/15

Mobility: Shoulders/L-Spine

Part A: 3 Rounds Not For Time:

1-2 Rope Climbs (adv. legless)

3 Wall Walks with 10s. HS Hold at the top

10 GHD Back Extensions

Part B: 10 min EMOM

1-5 HSPU

This is Skill Work time.

On the box - stay vertical.

Beginners/Int. do 1-3 working on good form.

Advanced do 4-5 or deficit.

Part C: 4 Rounds for Time:

20 Wall Balls (24/20)

20 Knees to Elbows

20 1-Arm Alt. DB Snatch (45/25) (10 each-must alternate arms)

Flexibility: Quadriceps/ Lower Back