WOD - SUNDAY 3/29/15

Mobility: Shoulders/L-Spine

Part A: Three Sets not for Time:

10 BB Bench Press

12 Pushups

10 GHD Situps

12 Hollow Body Straight Leg Raises

Part B: 6 min. AMRAP

Group One:

250m Row

10 Burpees over Erg

1 min. rest into

Part C: 6 min. AMRAP

200m Run

20 Butterfly Situps

1 min. rest into

Part D: 6 min. AMRAP

50 DUs (100 singles and 5 Burpees)

10 HR Pushups

Can start with either Part B, Part C or Part D.

Flexibility: Chest/ Hamstrings/Lower Back