WOD - TUESDAY 10/6/15

Mobility: Shoulders/Hips

Part A: For Time:
800m run - .30s rest* 
400m run - .30s rest* 
200m run
*must rest .30s

EMOM* until failure:
– 7 Thrusters (75/55)
– 7 Pull-ups
– 7 Burpees

*15 minute minimum work requirement.  If you fail before the 15 minute mark, decrease the reps for all three movements to 6 reps and continue.  If you can’t complete the the 6’s move to 5’s, and so on…
*This is a mental toughness and “engine” capacity test. (Paul Tremblay got 27 + 15 and Cheryl Nassogot 24 + 19).

Flexibility: Chest/Lats/ Ant. Hips