WOD - FRIDAY 1/8/16

Mobility: Shoulders/Lats

Part A: Three Sets not for Time:
5 Pushups Walks Right and Left
10 Low Ring Rows to Dip Catch
10 Tap Swings with towel between feet
*if your towel drops = 10 burpees

Part B: 5-8 mins. Skill Work
Muscle Up Practice or C2B Practice

Part C: 10 min. EMOM
2 Snatch
*escalating weight

Part D: For Time (from 8/4/15):
Buy in: 500m Row then
Three Rounds of:
5 1-arm DB Snatch ea. arm (45/25) 2Rx (70/40)
5 1-arm DB OH Squat ea. arm (45/25) 2Rx (70/40)

Flexibility: Traps/Hips/IT Band