WOD - MONDAY 6/20/16

Skill/Gymnastics Day!

Mobility: Shoulders/Grip/ Forearms

Part A: 3 Sets Not for Time:
5 Cartwheels
30s. Handstand Hold/20 Shoulder Taps/1 walk length of rig
3 Tire Flips w/Jump through 

Part B: 6 min. EMOM
Min. 1: 15s. Hollow Body Ring Hold - w/turnout if possible
Min. 2: 15s. Bottom of Ring Dip Hold
Min. 3: 15s. Hollow Body Ring Hold w/shoulders in front of straps - w/turnout if possible
*5-10 Strict T2B b/t each set

Part C: 5 Mins of Kipping work - PU/T2B/C2B/MU
*adv - work strict MU

*Upon reaching failure, do 50% of last number reached each minute until the 18 min mark or everyone is out, whichever is longer.

Flexibility: Lats