WOD - SUNDAY 10/15/17

Mobility: Posterior Chain/OH Position

Wodapalooza Qualifier #2:

Every Two Minutes For 24 minutes:

8 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)
8 Hang Power Snatch(95/65) 2Rx(115/80)
8 Thruster (95/65) 2Rx (115/80) 

Athlete has 2 mins. to complete the round. If the athlete completes the round within the 2 mins., they rest the remainder. 

Once you cannot complete the triplet in 2 mins., it becomes an AMRAP.

if an athletes completes all 12 rounds the time the 12th round = Score

Otherwise Score = Rounds + Reps

Flexibility: 2 min. Couch stretch each side
2 min. Pigeon Stretch each side
1 min Wall Chest stretch each side