WOD - WEDNESDAY 10/17/18

Mobility: Lats/Hips/OH Position

Part A: Three Sets not for Time:
3 Strict Pullups (adv. weighted pullups)
10s Hollow Body Hold into
10 Hollow Body Rockers into
10 V or Tuck ups
30s Couch Stretch each side

Part B: 10 Min. EMOM
7 Pullups and 10 Air Squats
*Adv. 10 Pullups and 15 Air Squats

Part C: Three Rounds for Time:
10 1-Arm OH Squat (50/35)
15 1-Arm Alt. DB Snatch (50/35)
200m DB Burden Carry (50/35)

Flexibility: Ant. Hips/Shoulders