Mobility: Shoulders/Wrists/L-Spine

Part A: 6 min. EMOM
Min. 1: 20s. Hollow Body Ring Hold - w/turnout if possible
Min. 2: 20s. Bottom of Ring Dip Hold
Min. 3: 20s. Hanging L-Sit Hold

Part B: 6 min. EMOM
5 Strict Ring Dips
*adv. weighted or 4 count negative
*scaled use 30" boxes or band
*shoulders must touch rings with full elbow extension

Part C: "TIMES 7"
Seven Rounds for Time:
3 Ring MU (scale 3 Bar MU or 5 C2B/Pullup/Jumping Pullup Burpees)
21 Butterfly Situps

Flexibility: Lats/Triceps