WOD - SUNDAY 2/17/19

Mobility: Hips/Shoulders/L-Spine

Part A: Two sets not for time:
400m Run
30 SL Hollow Body Kicks
20 Mountain Climbers

Part B: For Time:
200m DB Farmers Carry (45/25) 2Rx(50/35)
30 T2B
40 DB Box Step ups (24/20)(45/25) 2Rx(50/35)
50 KBS (1.5/1) 2Rx(2/1.5)
40 DB Box Step ups (24/20)(45/25) 2Rx(50/35)
30 T2B
200m DB Farmer's Carry (45/25) 2Rx(50/35)

Flexibility: Lats/Glutes/Forearms


Five Sets of:
10 Plyo Push ups w/5s. neg.
12 BB Back Rack Forward Lunges (not walking) - 6 ea.

Five Sets of:
10 BB Bench Press w/5s. neg.
12 GHD Hip Extensions (scale reps, not movement)

Five Sets of:
10 DB Twisting Chest Press/Fly
3 Drop Set of 5 DB Bicep Curls *start heavy and work med/lt.