Mobility: OH Position/L-Spine/Hips

In Teams of Two Complete the Following:

Part A: 15 min. AMRAP
10 DB Devil Press (45/25) 2Rx (50/35)
30 DB Alt. Reverse Lunges total (45/25) 2Rx (50/35)
300m Run

3 min. rest into

Part B: 12 min. AMRAP
20 1-Arm Alt. DB Snatch
20 Alt. DB Renegade Rows (no pushup)
200m Run

*Partner A will perform 10 DB Devil Press, Partner B will perform30 DB Alt. Rev. Lunges, Partner A will run 300m. Then Partner B will start with 10 Devil Press and so forth.
*Same with DB Snatch, Renegade Rows and 200m run

Flexibility: Lower Back/Glutes/Quads