WOD - SUNDAY 3/24/19

Mobility: Shoulders/Lats/ Ant. Hips

Part A: 8 min. Mobility Work:
2 mins. Foam Roll Quads/Lateral Quads
1 min. Couch Stretch - each
2 mins. Barbell Lat/Shoulder/T-Spine

Part B: 3 Sets Not For Time:
16 Pistols (8 ea.)
30s. L Sit Hold (rings or paralettes)
15 DB Strict Press
30 Butterfly Sit Ups (or 20 GHD)

Part C: Three Rounds for max Reps and Calories
1 min. HSPU
1 min. rest
1 min. Plate G2OH (45/25)
1 min. rest
1 min. OH Reverse Lunges (45/25)

Flexibility: Shoulders/Glutes/Quads


Part A: Four Sets of:
10 BB Deadlifts
10 BB Bench Press
*start with two weighted warm up sets first
*must partner to share DL bar and spot Bench Press

Part B: Four Sets of:
20 DB Walking Lunges total
15 DB Chest Fly

Part C: Five Sets of:
15 BB Bicep Curls
15 BB Tricep Nosebusters