WOD - SUNDAY 3/31/19

Mobility: Hips/OH Position

Part A: Three Sets not for time:
Cal Row (15/12)
10 1-Arm Alt. DB Snatches - 5 ea.

Part B: Three Sets not for Time:
Cal Bike (15/10)
20 DB Alt. Lunges - 10 ea.

*can start at A or B
*can start with Snatches or Lunges as well

Part C: For Time:
Buy in: 500m Row then
Three Rounds of:
10 DB Hang Cleans (45/25) 2Rx(50/35)
15 DB Box Step ups (45/25) 2Rx(50/35) (24/20)
20 1-Arm Alt. DB Snatch (45/25) 2Rx(50/35)

Flexibility: Ant. Hips/Quads/Lower Back


Part A: Four Sets of:
15 Straight Leg Raises into
15 Straight Leg Pulses
10 DB 3-Way Delt Combination into
15 DB Twisting Bicep Curls

Part B: Four Sets of:
20 Bicycles
20 Side Plank Crunches - each
12 DB Reverse Flys into
15 DB Hammer Curls

Part C: Three Sets of:
12 DB Front Raises
10 DB Side Lunge to OH Press - all right leg then left leg
Barbell Bicep 21s