WOD - FRIDAY 5/17/19

Mobility: Chest/Shoulders

Part A: Five Sets not for Time:
10 BB Bench Press
10 DB Chest Flye on ground
10 DB Military Situps

Part B: For Time:
100 Pushups
200 Butterfly Situps
300 Air Squats
*reps can be broken up to complete however you like.

Flexibility: Chest/Ant. Hips/Abs


Four Sets of: 
25 Upper Crunch Pulses
15 BB Bent Over Row
10 DB Alt. Bicep Curls

Four Sets of:
15 Bent Elbow to Bent Knee ea.
12 DB Single Arm Low Row ea.
10 BB Lat Pullover into
10 BB Tricep Nosebuster

Three Sets of:
15 Dowel Lat Press Down into
15 Dowel Tricep Extensions
12 DB Hammer Curls