WOD - FRIDAY 5/10/19

Mobility: Chest/Shoulders

Part A: 10-8-6-4-2-5-10
DB Chest Press

Part B: 20 Min. EMOM
Min 1: 10 Triangle Push Ups
Min 2: 30s Plank hold
Min 3: 12 DB Curls
Min 4: 20s Top of the rings hold 

Flexibility: Chest/Ant. Delts

Five Sets of:
10 Leg Levers into
10 Alt. Twisting Straight Leg Pulses
12 DB Bent Over Reverse Flys
12 DB Chest Flyes

Four Sets of:
12 Plyo Bench Push ups
30 GHD Hollow Body Alt. Twist total
12 DB Lateral Raises
12 DB Twisting Chest Press

Three Sets of:
10 Alt. DB Renegade Row w/Push up
12 DB Lat Pullovers on bench
15 Side Elbow Plank Crunch each side