WOD - FRIDAY 6/14/19

Mobility: Lats/Shoulders

Part A: Five Sets of:
Single Leg Front Lever Negative Decent
20s. Parallette L-Sit Hold

Part B: On a running two min. clock with two min. rest:
Max Strict C2B Pullups
Max Strict Pullups
Max Strict Knees to Elbows
Max Strict T2B

Part C: 10 - 16 - 22
KBS (2/1.5)

Flexibility: Lats/Lower Back/Calves 


Five Sets: 
10 Incline BB Chest Press
10 Bent Over Barbell Wide Row (Pronated grip)
15 GHD Situps

Four Sets:
10 Incline DB Chest Fly
10 Bent Over Barbell Low Row (Supinated Grip)
15 Straight Leg Raises

Four Sets:
10 Traveling Plate Pushups 
10 Bench BB Lat Pullover
15 Bent Knee Elbow Cross each side