WOD - MONDAY 6/10/19

Mobility: Shoulders/Chest/Lats

Part A: Three Sets Not for Time:
3-5 Gymnastic Ring Swings with Hip Pull (NO TURNOVER ATTEMPTS)
3-5 Russian Dips on Boxes or Benches on Boxes
5 Toe Nail Strict Transition

Part B: Five Sets Not for Time:
2 False Grip Negative Ring Pullups
3 Strict Ring Dips w/a hold at the deepest part of your dip
*Focus on good shoulder position w/scapulas down and back.

Part C: Four Rounds for Time:
5 T2B Pullups (2Rx C2B)
15 Box Jumps (24/20) 2Rx (30/24)

Flexibility: Lats/Calves