Mobility: Lats/Shoulders

Part A: Three Sets not for Time:
3 Strict Pullup w/5s descent
60s Elbow Plank Hold
3 Strict T2B w/5s descent
30s Hollow Body Hold into
20s Arch Body Hold

Part B: For Time:
Complete the sequence
1 MU /10 DU
2 MU/20 DU
3 MU/30 DU
up to
10 MU/100 DU

*Scale double the # C2B Burpee/Pullup Burpee/ Banded Strict Pullup then Burpee
*DU Scale = 5 DU attempts and 2x Singles

Flexibility: Lats/Lower Back/Calves

IMG_8178 (W).JPG